All foam is not alike
Process Control Technology COURSE

One of TWUA’s most requested courses; ask GBRA, City of Houston Operators and many others across Texas.  

TCEQ 20 hrs. course in development 2023

Enhance Your Operational Skills

  • What Parameters to Select & Why
  • Data Evaluation & Interpretation
  • Identification of Microorganisms and Significance

      TCEQ 8 Hours: “CEUs”

CONTACT: Texas Water Utilities Association (TWUA), Central Office


Process Control Technology Course *DEVELOPMENT* ~ *ASSESSMENT* *TROUBLE-SHOOTING*

Who Should Attend?  Intermediate to Experience Plant Operators, Treatment Plant Supervisors/Managers, Engineers. Certification Levels: “C” thru “A”; Regulatory Inspectors.

In-depth discussion on how to utilize various wastewater treatment process control tools and techniques.
Process Upsets? How to recognize and interpret; what corrective action(s); also, when, why & what to monitoring to help prevent reoccurrences. 
  • Learn the most common process control mistakes some operators make when adjusting their treatment process
  • Chlorination is NOT the solution to all Foaming Issues; Learn how to identify types of foam; then solutions
  • Clarifier Sludge Bulking vs. Sludge Rising; the final visual appearance on clarifiers are almost the same. How to recognize; more so, what to do
  • Detailed overview of the treatment process’s Eco-System – View Microbial activity in their natural habitat (Note: Live classes each attendee uses microscopes. (Contact TWUA to schedule this course live!)
  • Low “DO” and/or low “pH” issues; learn the root cause and how to correct. Example, adjusting for low “pH” issue; most operators add a “basic” chemical to raise the effluent’s pH. This is addressing the symptom; not the root cause.
  • If your current Process Control Program (PCP) only consists of monitoring “MLSS” along with your Influent; for the same Effluent’s TPDES Parameters; i.e. (CBOD5, TSS, NH3-N, etc.) You absolutely need this course. There are other inexpensive tests that are essential to an effective process control program and crucial when trouble-shooting upsets

Walk-In a Good Operator ~ “Reactive”

          Walk-Out a Skilled Operator ~ “Proactive”


TCEQ Accredited Training Hours: “8 CEUs” ~ One Day!

Training: Classroom & Customize

  • “Process Control Technology Course”, virtual or traditional.
    • TCEQ Accredited Certification Training; 8 Hours
  • To Schedule call TWUA’s Central Office 

Virtual Process Control Technology Course

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Examples of Customize Training Courses/Sessions

  • QA/QC in the Laboratory
  • Chemical Interpretation of Lab Data
  • Laboratory Management
  • Analytical Data for the Environmental Professional
  • Basic Process Control for the Operator
  • Sample Collection Techniques (Defensible)
  • Regulatory Guidance Document ~ TCEQ RG-002 Wastewater Process Control (Updated)
  • Micro Exams for the Wastewater Eco System
  • Where Did That Chemical Come From?
  • Management Courses;g. (Sustainability)
  • Effectiveness Solids/Sludge Management Program
  • Process Control Technology Course (for Advance Operators; Managers & Engineers (8 Hrs. TCEQ CEUs)
  • Laboratory QA/QC Decod